Pakistani Government and its Superior power its Military is fast running out of options on Kashmir issues after it failed to get any strong support to its Kashmir propaganda in attempts to internationalize the issue for a third party intervention into the issue, but many in Pakistani core think tank fear that any third-party intervention will only create grounds for India to push for recovery of lost land of Jammu and Kashmir now called as Pakistani occupied Kashmir (POK) and Gilgit-Baltistan which might result in Line of control being converted into Permanent border with India.

Pakistani backed Terrorists operating in POK and the Kashmir Valley have already pressed SOS to their handlers and have asked for new counter strategies and even asked for the direct intervention of the Pakistani military in the valley by sending their troops. As per Pakistani chatter and media blabbering, it is expected that the Pakistani establishment is planning a multi prolonged adventure on the LOC.

Pakistan’s notorious spy agency ISI is planning to carry out “The Million Man March ” towards the Indian side of the line of control using its Civilians as fodder for possible breach of the Indian side of LOC. Islamic NGOs linked to Jihadi organization have been asked to find manpower who can be used to plan a march to the LOC as a demonstration of solidarity with the people of the valley but the breach of LOC will be shown to the world as a spontaneous event due to emotional outburst of the people.

Pakistani media will be tasked to cover the event and breach of Line of control and any reverse action by the Indian forces on the infiltrators will be caught on the tape for worldwide propaganda. Pakistan also plans to push many terrorists with weapons in-crowd of the people who will be used as the cover for the push inside the valley. ISI already has selected a sector which can be used for the breach of LOC but multiple attempts will be made in several sectors to put stress on the Indian forces.

The second adventure planned on the LOC could be the use of Afghan mujaheddin to bring in War Veterans who are more professionally trained than local Kashmiri Terrorists who have a low rate of training and are not able to last in a firefight with Indian counter-terror forces. local Kashmiri Terrorists are not capable of executing large scale attacks but will be used as suicide bombers which can cause large scale casualties as seen in the Pulwama car bomber attack on CRPF Bus earlier this year.

Afghan mujaheddin will be local handlers to the Kashmir terrorist due to their better understanding of gun-fighting tactics with a professional army like the Indian Army. Intelligence reports have already reported that Afghan mujaheddin have been spotted at multiple terror launch pads near the LOC and Pakistani SSG Border Special forces have been tasked to help infiltrate them across the LOC.

Winter in Jammu and Kashmir starts in December when it is difficult to carry out infiltration and major activities will be planned out in October after 74th session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA 74) which will open on 17 September. Pakistan’s Selected Jihadi Prime Minister already has declared his intentions to raise Kashmir issue in the UN and UAE and Saudi Arabia has been asked for direct mediation between India and Pakistan in coming weeks.

Restrictions in the Valley is likely to remain for another two or three months and such restrictions have happened in the past too and there is nothing alarming about it, Security forces fear that resumption of internet services will lead to coordinated stone-pelting and protests as seen after the death of Terrorists Burhan Wani where force had great difficulty in bringing back situation under control . Post Wani death, protests saw the death of 45 protesters due to violence which followed and a Dead Kashmir is more important for Pakistan then a live one for propaganda purpose and they want more protests taking place due to which they are pushing for the lifting of restrictions in the valley.

When 2G internet was resumed in some districts of the valley it was immediately noticed that people started receiving large scale fake messages on their mobiles from Pakistani numbers and it has been confirmed that mass fake videos and pictures were in circulations withing few minutes of resumption of internet due to which it had to be snapped back. Indian military planners have learned lessons from Arab spring protests and post-death of Terrorists Burhan Wani situation, on how social media can be used to plan protests and counter military actions.

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