A few weeks ago more details of the RudraM-III became public where the missiles were seen with hypersonic fixed wings leading to speculations that the RudraM-III is a hypersonic missile system but the missile can’t be classified as a hypersonic missile even if it can go hypersonic. Hypersonic is a term used to describe platforms that can travel at speeds above Mach 5, many ballistic missiles achieve such speeds but that doesn’t mean they can be classified as hypersonic missiles systems.

RudraM-III seems to be a conventional air-launched ballistic missile that can achieve hypersonic velocities through a quasi-ballistic flight path that never departs the atmosphere, and it can maneuver throughout its trajectory to avoid being intercepted. The above schematic diagram confirms that the RudraM-III will have a single-stage booster that will propel it after launch from air to high supersonic speeds while the second stage dual-pulse motor will help it attend low hypersonic speeds while it is carryout final terminal stage maneuvering.

RudraM-III launched from an airborne vehicle still makes it less predictable and harder to intercept, and potentially more survivable than the ground-based system but it cant be classified as a hypersonic missile system like modern hypersonic weapons, which are being developed by China, Russia, and the United States.

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