The State-owned aerospace and defense company, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) after a delay of nearly a year has commenced in-house development of the Main Rotor Blades, Main Rotor Head, Upper Control System, and Tail Rotor System for the installation to be done on the prototype that already has been fabricated and now plans to test later in the year.

RUAV-200 single main rotor and tail rotor type conventional helicopter developed by HAL that will be used as a Mule Drone for High Altitude Logistics operations by the Indian Army. As per information coming out of Aero India 2021, the Indian Army wants to use a RUAV-200 drone for transporting not only rations but also materials in unfriendly terrains.

According to HAL, a 200 kg RUAV-200 drone will be able to carry a 30-40kg payload in the Northern regions, large High Altitude Areas where supply lines in these areas have to be maintained either through helicopters, Porters, or Mules/local ponies. Mule drones shall provide a more reliable supply chain route for provisioning troops based in High Altitude Areas.

SPECIFICATIONS Max-Take off Weight: 200kg Speed: 100kmph @6km Max Range: 100 km Max Endurance : 3 Hours Service Ceiling: 6000m Hover Ceiling: 5500m Max Payload : 30kgs

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