According to an internal assessment of the State-owned Public sector company HAL, National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) proposed RTA 90-NG, primarily a 90 pax seater regional carrier under development won’t make a good transport aircraft for the Indian Air Force due to limited Payload carrying capabilities claimed a source close to

A source who wants to remain anonymous claimed that RTA-90 Payload carrying capacity as a Transport aircraft will be less than that of CASA C-295M Two-engine turbo-propelled tactical transport aircraft that has been recently ordered by the Indian Air Force (IAF) thus unlikely to provoke any orders from the IAF to avoid duplication of the inventory instead IAF might just go for more C-295M.

The proposed development of the RTA-90 is yet to take off and in our previous report at, we mentioned that HAL has started internal studies for developing a new Medium Transport Aircraft that can carry a minimum of 21-23ton of payload that will be more than twice what C-295M can carry.

HAL has been lobbying for the development of a new MTA to replace AN-32 aircraft after the Indo-Russian MTA program was canceled due to serious differences in the selection of the power plant for the aircraft. Recently HAL was kept out of the C-295M deal that will be assembled by Tata Advanced Systems locally at its facility in India.

HAL-Embraer previously did have talks for local development of C-390, a medium-size, twin-engine, jet-powered military transport aircraft that has the same payload carrying capacity. HAL plans to offer both a local military transport aircraft designed and produced in India or aircraft foreign aircraft produced in India to IAF.

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