Revolutionary changes are taking place in the India-US relationship, the outgoing Indian Ambassador here, Taranjit Singh Sandhu has said, stressing that the bilateral ties have only covered the tip of the iceberg and are going to go far and wide.

Addressing a gathering of Indian Americans at the Republic Day celebration here, Mr Sandhu said it is important that their second generation remains connected to India. “I only wanted to tell you that today revolutionary changes are taking place in India, also in US-India relations,” he said, “And therefore it is important that your children and your families are aware of India, stay connected with India,” Mr Sandhu, who retires later this month from the foreign service after more than 35 years, said As international capital and multinational companies move into India, all the young Indian Americans will be uniquely placed to get most of those job opportunities, Mr Sandhu said.

“So therefore, not only for emotional, cultural, and so many other reasons but also for economic and commercial reasons, pay attention, stay connected with India,” Mr Sandhu said.

The event in McLean, Virginia was organised by the National Council of Asian Indian Associations. The outgoing ambassador was also felicitated by the community leaders for his role in strengthening the India-US relationship.

Mr Sandhu speaking at another farewell reception organised by the Indian American Business Impact Group said that the India-US relationship has so far only touched the tip of an iceberg.

“The fact is, we have only covered the tip of the iceberg. In all these sectors, this relationship is going to go far and wide,” he said.

“We are already hearing about AI, the different dimensions of AI (Artificial intelligence). India is going to play a very, very important and critical role. Look at any of the International Monetary Fund or World Bank projections, the recovery of the world economy, India will be playing a very critical role,” he said.

Mr Sandhu reiterated that for the career prospects, jobs and growth of their kids, Indian Americans should remain connected to India.