India’s topmost experimental test pilot Group Captain (Retd) Harsh Vardhan Thakur with the state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) who often drops hints at things to come, posted a new digital rendering of what seems to be a re-designed CATS Warrior and CATS HALE that HAL is developing with Indian private startup NewSpace Research and Technologies (NRT.

CATS Warrior Air Intakes seems to have gone through massive changes from its earlier mock-up that was displayed at Aero India. CATS Warrior mock-up was displayed with traditional air inlets, now CATS Warrior is seen with a narrower air inlet duct on top of the fuselage. in its previous report had mentioned that CATS Warrior is going through design changes and this new rendering might be highlighting those changes.

CATS Warrior can be seen with NG-CCM aka ASRAAM Close Combat Missile that has a range of over 25km to be used to safeguard Mothership (TejasMaX) or any other Mannedfighter jet that it is part of the formation in missions over contested airspace. CATS Warrior will be powered by HAL-developed HAL PTAE-7 turbofan in a Twin-engine configuration with a chevron exhaust.

CATS HALE is a high-speed, high-altitude unmanned combat aerial vehicle that can perform wide-area surveillance and time-sensitive strike missions over land or sea. Since HAL has given very few details about its specification but it is expected it will be powered by a single HTFE-25 engine with an All-up weight (AUW) of around 5 tons.

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