2022 marks the 45th anniversary of the maiden flight of the Su-27 fighter prototype developed by the Sukhoi Experimental Design Bureau, which marked the birth of the famed family of Su-27/Su-30 fighter jets. On the sidelines of the celebration that is taking place, Rosoboronexport head pointed out that is ready within the framework of the Make in India program to supply additional completely knocked down kits for the assembly of the Su-30MKI and carry out joint work on their modernization, including the integration of the latest air weapons, avionics, etc.

Rosoboronexport also added that one of the most notable foreign operators of Su-30 fighters is India where the program of licensed production of Su-30MKI jets, which make up the backbone of the country’s Air Force, has been successfully implemented.

Rosoboronexport and India’s HAL were in talks for the supply of 12 additional Completely Knocked Down (CKD) Kits of Su-30MKI for the Indian Air Force to replace 10 Su-30MKI that were lost in the last 20 years of its entering service with the Indian Air force. Russia and India were also in talks of upgrading nearly 150 jets with the latest AESA Fire Control Radar and next-generation avionics but it seems that now will be carried out by HAL that will see LRDE developed Uttam AESA radar being upscaled to be adapted for both Su-30 and Mig-29 fleet in IAF.

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