Russia’s defense ministry mulls a Larger MiG-35 Contract for Russian Air and Space Force (VKS) due to slow down in order intakes and have also offered Indian Air Force a customizable Mig-35 to seal the deal for 114 units of ” Make in India” program said a RAC MiG official recently to India media. Russia recently “dumbed down” the specification of its planned MiG-35 for export to reduce procurement costs by prospective buyers but is open to adding additional capabilities to meet IAF requirements.

Russia is open to offer few additional advanced weapon integrations, local weapons integrations and RD-33OVT engine which is equipped with 360 degrees adjustable thrust vectoring engines to provide super maneuverability.

Russia is also offering KRET/Phazotron Zhuk-A radar with active electronically scanned phased-array (AESA), modern electro-optics system with distributed apertures, MSP-418KE active jamming pods,IRST and other capabilities borrowed from countries 5th Generation fighter program.

India is likely to take a call on purchase of 114 units of new fighter aircraft this year.

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