After news started to trickle in, that India’s first Nuclear Ballistic missile Submarine INS Arihant completed its first deterrence patrol with active Nuclear weapons along with its launch system. Pakistan’s oldest, leading and most widely read English-language newspaper Dawn reacting to the news said that Pakistani Nuclear triad was in place from 2017 and India was late to the party.

Dawn made reference to the Submarine launch of Babur Sub-sonic Cruise missile which was tested from an unknown undersea launch platform which till today remains a mystery and as per Indian Intelligence agency was a Chinese conventional submarine which was loaned to Pakistan with Chinese Crew only for the trials of the sub-sonic cruise missile.

Pakistani military establishment is the only country in the world which claims that their sub-sonic cruise missiles equipped with tactical nukes will complete Country’s nuclear triad. Pakistani Navy doesn’t possess any Nuclear submarine nor any Conventional submarine which can lunch sub-sonic cruise missiles in the first place, yet they bluff that they have achieved Nuclear triad thus a parity with India.

Pakistani Nuclear Planners have decided to procure 8 conventional Type 039A diesel-electric submarines from China which according to US Naval Institute was primarily designed as “an anti-ship cruise missile (ASCM) platform capable of hiding submerged for long periods of time in difficult to access shallow littorals.

Pakistan will receive a scaled down export only variant called S-20 based on the Type 039A which can only launch Sub-sonic cruise missiles only through its torpedo tubes.

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