Noida-based start-up Raphe mPhibr Pvt. Ltd. showcased its range of products at the Drone Mahotsav, one that caught the eye of many visitors was the Ambulance drone that the company claims can be used for casevac in HADR-like scenarios while monitoring vitals and administering first aid. has been told that the Ambulance drone has been developed in collaboration with DRDO. The payload capacity of the Ambulance drone is 120kg and is equipped with medical equipment such as an oxygen cylinder, spo2, and blood pressure monitor which is used to monitor the vitals of the patient while in transit.

The ambulance drone will have safety measures to ensure the highest safety of the patient while in transit. Ambulance drones can be used at high altitudes and cold areas where the use of heliborne evacuation is not possible due to terrain.

The ambulance drone has a range area of 10km to the target area and 10km back to the base. The autonomous operation of the ambulance drone removes human error and makes the process seamless. The company has completed internal trials of the ambulance drone with a dummy humanoid payload and is waiting for clearance from the government to demonstrate it in a real-life situation.

Raphe mPhibr already has secured orders for 48 units of mR-20 logistics drones which could have a cargo of up to 20 kg in high-altitude areas for the infantry and 100 hexacopter drones for the Armoured Corps.

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