Noida-based Indian startup Raphe mPhibr Private Limited has secured orders from the Indian Army for its Nistaar swarm drones as well as a Load carrying Unmanned Aerial Vehicle that can be used to supply essentials to troops at difficult locations. Indian Army is yet to give out details of the units procured from the Raphe mPhibr but its speculated that it will be octa copter ” Raven ” developed by the company that is been procured.

Raven is a lightweight, unibody octa copter with multiple payloads carrying a capacity of up to 30kg. It is equipped with a day and night vision camera, in a single camera housing, for round-the-clock operations. UAV is equipped with indigenously developed ‘Advanced Control Algorithms’ for higher stability during flight with heavy payloads. Its robust aerodynamic design and bio-mimetic structure make it extremely stable to withstand strong and gusty winds in valleys.

Indian Army in partnership with HAL, DRDO’s ADE, and IIT Kanpur is also developing RUAV-200 Mule Drone for High Altitude Logistics operations. Raven will have a range of 10-20km while RUAV-200 will have a range of 100km for a 30kg payload.

Nistaar is a hybrid Vertical take-off/landing UAV with the maximum150 mins endurance capacity.

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