Since April 2020, the group, known as the “SideWinder” or Rattlesnake by observers and experts, has launched an astounding over 1,000 attacks on government, military, and commercial cyber assets based in Pakistan and has been successful in the hijacking, stealing, or altering content in the targeted computer systems.

Critical Pakistani government agencies, some of which are military-affiliated, have been the target of ongoing cyberattacks from a group that both domestic and foreign experts believe to be based in India.

According to a report by California-headquartered Zscaler, a cybersecurity company, Computer systems installed at the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) headquarters in Islamabad were raided for sensitive military data. India has been beefing up its Cyber offensive capabilities since India suffered a Chinese state-sponsored cyberattack on its power plants, which led to a widespread power outage in Mumbai.

India’s rising Cyber offensive capabilities have rattled Pakistan which has now it has sought the services of Chinese cyber actors to strengthen in defense and has been busy buying spare to replace outdated equipment with the latest equipment that is coming from China.