On September 19, in Punjab’s Amritsar, Border Security Forces (BSF) soldiers prevented a drug smuggling attempt from Pakistan by shooting at the drone, causing it to return to the Pakistani side.

The incident happened on September 19 at approximately 02:30 AM near Amritsar, Punjab, not far from the international border with Pakistan. The BSF Punjab frontier force that had been made aware of the situation noticed a Pakistani drone carrying narco-terrorist supplies. It was forced to turn around and head back to the Pakistani side after the army began firing at it. According to early reports, the BSF soldiers shot at the Pakistani drone eight times before it made its way back to Pakistan. However, during this, the drone dropped the package on Indian soil.

According to BSF sources, Pakistan’s involvement in the attempted drone drop of the weapons and drug shipment discovered on Monday has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt. According to the reports, the BSF personnel also found a bag of polyester fabric with a Pakistan address inscribed on it, proving Pakistan’s involvement in the cargo that was dropped by drones close to the border in Amritsar. It is important to note that this occurred after Gurdaspur in Punjab was the site of the BSF troops’ successful drone penetration effort against Pakistan.