Baba Kalyani, Managing Director of Bharat Forge in an interview with Nitin Gokhale for has said that it’s his dream to develop an indigenous jet engine for the air force. he also said that the Public-Private consortium of 5-6 companies who have experience and technology to develop a jet engine can come together to develop an afterburning turbofan engine in 7 years.

Bharat Forge is already manufacturing performance parts and components for many aero-engine manufacturers like Rolls Royce and the company has gained tremendous experience in Metallurgy but a Public-Private consortium can help develop an engine at a much faster rate added Kalyani.

a few days back Admiral Arun Prakash Retd backed project to develop successor of Kaveri engine for upcoming fighter jets. with India working on four fighter jet programs, Chorus has been growing to start the development of a new jet engine project soon for which DRDO is already assembling a team to look into with private players as per DRDO Chief’s interview earlier this year.

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