According to report in BW BUSINESSWORLD, Ministry of Defence in May this year, has asked Wargame Research and Development Centre in Delhi, under project WARDEC to develop AI based WarGames to create virtual reality wargames at the center, this program would enable a better understanding of situations that are unforeseen till now.

The Army will train and evaluate its troops’ tactics using metaverse-enabled gameplay at the Wargame Research and Development Centre. The interface is used to teach military strategy to its officers. Soldiers’ skills will be put to the test in the metaverse, which combines virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to mimic its surroundings.

According to a common army saying, enemies can ambush you from 361 directions, with 360 sides surrounding the person and one above them in the event of an airdrop. As a result, wargame simulation assists the Army in considering all possible outcomes. Artificial intelligence is used to account for factors such as terrain slope, weather, time, air pressure, enemy observation range, artillery range, troop position, soldier health, and enemy reaction capabilities. ACSG Corp has been working on open source GIS functionalities and operational planning modules for the Wargaming Development Center in Delhi on a continuous basis.

The WARDEC team was pleased with the program’s custom-built speech-based CBT tool. According to Major Vijay, President of ACSG Corp,

The game creators must analyse the feedback and data generated by the game in order to communicate findings and conclusions to the appropriate audience. Neutral cognitive tools are now available at the panel to help assimilate and make logical sense of game data, horizon scanning, and environmental analysis. This adds a layer of clarity to wargaming, making it more successful than ever.

The Indian Army has recently undergone numerous changes. They have been strengthening their training programmes, and this is the army’s future. The new training programmes will help soldiers and officers alike in critical training programmes. The Army will be stronger as a result of new training programmes.