Scale model of an Unknown Missile was recently sported at the office of the G. Satheesh Reddy Chairman of the Defence Research and Development Organisation while giving a video message for the upcoming TECH4SEVA for the Second Virtual International Summit that drew the attention of the Indian OSNIT community since it didn’t match any of the external dimensions of the Indian Ballistic missile programs nor of any upcoming missiles under development and what was more curious was ” Veda ” that was mentioned on the missile its self indicating it was a new project

Veda is a Sanskrit word for knowledge and officially there is no official missile named after it but there do exist Project Veda that indicate that the program is of significant importance for the DRDO and also for the country, maybe even experimental to gain knowledge of next-generation missile technology.

New Missile at the glance looks similar to the A-SAT missile that was developed by the DRDO but the heat shield of the missile is different while it seems it continues to use the first and second stage that was borrowed from the K-4 SLBM ( submarine-launched ballistic missile ) making some in Indian OSNIT community believe that is Mk2 variant of the A-SAT missile that was showcased 2 years ago which demonstrated by shooting down a low-orbital satellite thus giving India anti-satellite capabilities.

Some in the Indian OSNIT community believe that the new missile could be one of the Interceptor missiles of the Phase-II of the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) system program that DRDO is developing. DRDO is reportedly working on Two New Interceptor missiles that can intercept ballistic missiles with a range of around 5,000 km and the Unknown Missile seen at the DRDO Chief’s Shelf could be one of the missiles. DRDO officially has completed Phase-I of the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) system program with some sections of media indicating that it has been deployed already.

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