India’s ambitious plans to build six new conventional submarines with Air Independent Propulsion System (AIP) under Project 75 India remains stuck due to a lack of response from the OEMs that required the Indian Navy to extend tender bid dates till the end of this year but not many are still convinced that in a matter of six months they will be a change of heart and there will be different responses after several countries withdraw for various reasons.

According to ” The Print ” Naval Design Bureau is working on a conventional diesel-electric submarine with AIP technology an in-house project under the Project-76 program might have a completed design phase in another year and a half. It is not clear if Project-76 will supersede in case of Project 75 India again becomes a non-starter but these indigenous efforts might mitigate the risk of further dwindling of the submarines fleet. in past reports has confirmed that DRDO proposed inhouse design for the development of conventional diesel-electric submarine was rejected by the Indian Navy. But Naval Design Bureau was seen working on Super Kalvari Class submarines that are based on existing French Scorpene submarines but stretched to accommodate an AIP plugin and additional vertical launching system (VLS) plug to incorporate long-range cruise missiles thus making new ships have a displacement of over 3000-tons.

Naval Design Bureau is also in charge of the design and development of the six nuclear-powered submarines (SSNs), has been told that the chatter is that the Navy might go for a clean slate design that might be to adopt SSN design and convert it into smaller 3000-ton one for the development of conventional diesel-electric submarine in reversal.

Brazilian Navy is using Scorpene submarine design, a 2000-ton displacement ship has a base to develop a 6000-ton SSN, and France has developed Barracuda nuclear-powered attack submarine and had later offered Shortfin Barracuda, a conventional diesel-electric derivate of the Barracuda class submarine to Australia. Naval Design Bureau is exploring both design options for the time being but has been told the final approved design might emerge only in 2025, of course after many deliberations if Project 75 India continues to go south.

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