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Companies that are part of supply chains for the Tejas Mk2 program have been approached by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) and HAL to start a separate Private Sector consortium led production line that can manufacture Tejas MkII fighter jets for the export market as recently revealed as much as 16 countries have shown interest in the program.

Many countries are seeking details of the Tejas MkII program since it is a Medium class fighter jet that can replace many 80’s era fighter jets like Mig-29, F-16, and Mirage2k that are in abundance and are aging very fast. has been told that the Tejas MkII export chances are much more than Tejas Mk1 since it is a much more capable aircraft of Medium class that many countries operate and are planning to procure to replace older ones.

Private Sector consortium led Production facility if it becomes a reality will have the capacity to manufacture 16 jets per year that is above 24 that will be manufactured in the HAL led Private Sector consortium production facility in its Bangalore facility for IAF.

IAF has committed to procure 10 Squadrons of Tejas MkII in two phases, Six Squadrons in Phase-I and 4 Squadrons with a 110kN class of engine in Phase II. Total orders coming from IAF will breach 200 units that have come as a massive tailwind for the program leading to multiple inquiries from many countries.

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