On Monday, an Indian Army helicopter conducted a precautionary landing near Yamunanagar in Haryana due to a technical issue, as confirmed by an official statement. The helicopter, identified as a Chetak, was on a routine sortie at the time of the incident. It had a few personnel on board and landed in a field approximately 7 kilometers from the district headquarters.

According to the statement, the Chetak helicopter safely landed at Shadipur village in Yamunanagar, and all occupants of the helicopter are reported to be safe. The incident occurred during a routine sortie on September 18, and the precautionary landing was executed in response to a technical issue. Following the landing, a thorough check of the helicopter’s fitness was conducted, and subsequently, it was flown back to its base.

The statement also emphasized that both the helicopter’s pilots and passengers are safe, with no reports of damage to the helicopter or any private property as a result of the precautionary landing. The Indian Army helicopter remained on the ground for approximately 30 minutes.

Upon receiving information about the incident, local law enforcement, including the Yamunanagar Sadar Police Station, responded to the scene. Fortunately, no injuries were reported in the incident. Media reports indicated that a significant number of people gathered near the landing site, prompting police personnel to maintain a safe distance between onlookers and the helicopter.