As per media reports, Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) likely to conduct the first experimental trial of its newly developed surface-to-surface tactical missile Pralay from a defence test facility off Odisha coast on Saturday. but again due to unforeseen delays has forced DRDO to postpone today’s missile test for a later date. The solid-fueled Canister based Tactical Pralay surface to surface missile was supposed to e first test in September 2018 but was postponed due to technical reasons and later in December due to cyclone Pethai which led to inclement weather at the test range.

DRDO may try again tomorrow,since Pralay Missile mobile launcher with tracking equipment are already at the location and India had issued a Navigational Area (IMO) warnings for Paradip in the Bay of Bengal for Experimental Flight for 17th and 18th but no missile tests were carried out and new tests were to be held today, which again didn’t happen.

Pralay Missile which externally resembles like Prithvi surface to surface Missile is a an advance derivative of Prithvi Defence Vehicle (PDV) exo-atmospheric interceptor missile sanctioned in March, 2015 at a cost of nearly 333 crore. Pralay which weighs around five tonne has a range of 350-500 km with a payload of 500-1000 kg as per mission profile .

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