While most of the Pakistani Media want to wage Jihad against India and have been urging their government to take their case to UN and Other Muslim Countries to stop India from completely revoking special status given by Indian laws to the Jammu & Kashmir region, Some sane voice in Pakistan do believe that Post Article 370 , India will now push the boundary since only previous bilateral agreements no longer will hold and the United Nation and other countries will not be able to push India to back off.

Many Pakistani Analysts fear that by demoting state of Jammu & Kashmir into a Union Territory, India has signaled to Pakistan that it is no longer a  bilateral matter between India and Pakistan and slowly even might walk away from Shimla agreement which can have a direct consequence in the demarcation of the line of control.

Line of Control has remained as it is from the time Pakistani invading forces took over parts of Gilgit-Baltistan and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir in 1947 and Shimla agreement between two countries ensured that the undeclared border between the two countries in state of Jammu and Kashmir can’t be altered or changed till the time both countries resolve the issue between both the countries.

Kargil misadventure of the Pakistani military in 1999 was exactly done to change the line of control in favor of Pakistan and hold areas which were under India controls for a further push into Indian areas even before any settlement was agreed up. Pakistani Analysts fear now that India might not only neglect Shimla agreement but will push Pakistan to talk over Gilgit-Baltistan and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir instead of the Indian side of the Kashmir which now has become fully integrated areas of the country.

Pakistani Analysts do tend to agree that Immediate reverse Kargil type operations won’t be taken but fear is that Indian Army already has started pushing back Pakistani forces at many key points of line of control and simply not allowing them to come back to this areas after they fleed this area under intense firing in last few months.

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