Poland has supplied the Indian Army with 100 Warmate loitering ammunition manufactured by the Polish company WB Electronics. Warmate is powered by an electric motor With a wingspan, it reaches a width of 1.6 meters can carry a maximum payload of 5.7 kg, and has an Operational RLOS range of 30 km, making it suitable for small targets that need to be quickly attacked and eliminated. The maximum altitude at which it can fly is 150-300 meters it can be launched from a vehicle installation as well as from a ground installation.

In 2020, the Indian Army issued a Request for Information (RFI) for 100 loitering ammunition systems that are man-portable and can be used to take out personnel or soft skin targets. Warmate can carry two types of a warhead – high-explosive and thermobaric. WB Electronics claims it can also be equipped with a laser warhead and has a maximum speed of 150 km / h. has been told Warmate loitering ammunition was procured for the Indian Army’s special forces as larger orders for loitering ammunition in near future will be fulfilled by the Indian companies that have developed loitering ammunition but are going through Army trials that are under progress. Warmate loitering ammunition recently was seen in action after the Polish government supplied the Ukrainian armed forces with Warmate loitering ammunition that was used against Russian forces.

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