Chinese army one month before the 20th Party Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in the eastern sector moved Two PLA brigades that were stationed throughout Arunachal Pradesh, and one combined armed brigade stationed as a reserve by the PLA in the vicinity of Phari Dzong in the Siliguri Corridor near the China-Bhutan border. These three brigades were transferred from the PLA’s Eastern and Southern theatre commands to the Western Theatre Command.

The PLA has deployed all of its forces in Aksai Chin, including two army divisions, a border guards division, and support regiments for the rocket, armor, artillery, and missile systems. With armor and support components, the Indian Army is also present in East Ladakh. One of the officials stated that in addition to fighters at Hotan, Kashgar, Lhasa, and Nyingchi air bases, the PLA Air Force is also on alert at Gar Gunsa air base.

Even after 20th Party Congress has concluded and Xi Jinping has been elected President for the third term, PLA has not moved back to its older position, and these additional forces in the depth areas will also need to be countered during the Indian Army’s winter deployment.