Deployment of Long-range rocket launchers like AR- 3 and PHL-03 by the PLA in the Himalayas has forced the Indian military top brass to match firepower by the development of a very long-range rocket program for which talks are underway with state-owned DRDO.

The indigenous 214 mm Pinaka MkII also has a range of 90 km and the Guided Pinaka has a range of over 100km but these are way less than the 260-300km range Rockets that are deployed on the other side of the border.

In light of these new deployments, Talks for the development of a new Pinka with a very long range of 200-250km are being held and soon it is expected that the final configuration of the new very long-range rocket will be finalized leading to sanctioning of the program. the program will be taken into mission mode so that the first rocket is ready for developmental trials in less than 3 years that too in a production-ready configuration.

DRDO is planning to rope in private sector companies in the production of the new rocket system and scale up its production when it is ready so that the program can be executed in the shortest period.

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