A Mock of the Indo-Russian designed land-based BrahMos supersonic missile was displayed by the Philippine Army Weapons Expo recently and as per reports coming in Philippine Army’s BrahMos missile acquisition project with India is going on smoothly as it plans to acquire the weapon system to be in service by 2024.

According to Philippine media, talks are at an advanced stage with India for the purchase of land-based Missile System Battery for its Coastal defense. BrahMos is the fastest supersonic cruise missile in the world which was jointly developed with Russia and continues to remain the world’s fastest anti-ship cruise missile in operation to date with the range of 290km at Mach 3 speed.

BrahMos has been in service with Indian armed forces for years now and new variants with a better speed of Mach 4.5 and a superior range of 450km has been under development for some time now. India which is working on the development of lighter BrahMos-NG will be making the transition to the new weapons system from 2025 onwards due to which India is now at production easy to supply BrahMos to other countries like UAE, Vietnam and some South American countries who are interested in the weapon system.

India is also working to develop Hypersonic BrahMos-2K with Russia with speeds over Mach-5-7 by end of 2030.

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