Paras Defence and Space Technologies has secured a significant contract worth ?53 crore from the Indian Ministry of Defence for the design, fabrication, and qualification of optical periscopes for Indian submarines.

This contract, awarded by the Instrument Research & Development Establishment (IRDE) under DRDO, marks a major step towards enhancing the capabilities and self-reliance of the Indian Navy.

The successful completion of this project can position Paras Defence as a leading supplier of periscope technology for the Indian Navy, potentially opening doors for future contracts and collaborations. This also aligns with the government’s push for “Make in India” initiatives in the defense sector.

Key Points:

  • Contract awarded: January 30, 2024
  • Client: Instrument Research & Development Establishment (IRDE), DRDO
  • Project: Design, Optimization, Fabrication and Qualification of Optical Periscopes for Integrated Combat Systems (ICS) for Submarine Application
  • Contract value: ?53 crore
  • Delivery timeline: Financial year 2024-25 (FY24)


  • Enhanced capabilities: These advanced periscopes are expected to improve the stealth, situational awareness, and operational effectiveness of Indian submarines.
  • Boost to domestic defense: This contract awarded to a local company signifies the government’s commitment to promoting self-reliance in critical defense technologies.
  • Expertise leverage: Paras Defence’s experience in this domain is expected to deliver high-performance periscopes meeting the stringent requirements of the Indian Navy.