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Paras Aerospace has showcased its Griffon UCAV at “DEFEXPO INDIA 2022”. the company claimed to that the program is still in the design stage and it has offered it to Indian tri-service. Griffon UCAV has an all-up weight of 5 tons and will be powered by two Turboprop engine that can take a payload of 1.2-tons and has a range of 7500km.

Griffon UCAV has a cruise speed of 280km and a top speed of 400km. Paras Aerospace officials told that it has an endurance of 25 hours and an operational altitude of 10,700m.

company officials did not reveal a timeline of the program or details of the engine. Paras Aerospace also displayed the Archer B-8 UCAV which has an all-up weight of 24.5kg and can carry 8 sets of 45mm mortar bombs.

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