Bengaluru-based SSS Defence has completed delivery of its “Born in Bharat” AK upgrade kits head to the Indian Army’s Para Special Forces unit. SSS Defence won a contract for the upgradation of AK 47 rifles after beating Israeli supplier FAB Defence. SSS emerged as the lowest bidder for the tender for upgrading 24 AK-47 rifles in service with a particular unit but the company expects to get a larger contract to upgrade a large number of Kalashnikov rifles in service.

Desi AK upgrade kits come with a new foldable buttstock for the rifle, a new dust cover that will allow mounting of sights, changes to the fore-end, which will allow mounting of a bipod or a knife handguard and vertical grip, a new gas tube, quad rail fore-end, and a flash suppressor.

SSS Defence developed Desi AK upgrade kits have undergone tests carried out with the Indian Army Para Special Forces but Fab Defense has managed to upgrade a few thousand rifles over the last decade for the Indian Army and is likely to give price competition in other tenders of the units but SSS Defence plans further price cuts with bulk orders.

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