Since the abolition of Articles 370 and 35-A of the Indian Constitution for the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir, 19 Non-Muslims have been killed by Pakistan-backed terror outfits. Hindus who either recently got a domicile certificate or Kashmiri Pandits who stayed back have seen burnt of these targeted killings. Panun Kashmir a demand for a separate homeland in the Valley for the rehabilitation of Kashmiri pandits has been a long-standing demand of the Kashmiri pandits that have often never been taken seriously by the people in New Delhi.

While Our leaders are busy discussing if ” Kashmir files ” moved was based on lies or not what is not a lie is the recent spate of targeted killings of Kashmiri pandits just exposed the fault lines that existed from the early 90s when exodus was planned and hatched from Islamabad in efforts to grab Kashmir from India.

Non-Muslims, including Hindus and Sikhs, will always be soft targets for the Pakistan-backed terror outfits since Islamabad is paranoid after the removal of Article 370 and 35A that India is planning to change the demography of the valley and will not stop till the last Non-Muslim in the valley is killed or made to leave the valley so that it continues to maintain absolute Muslim majority in the region of near 100% to make its case at world stage why it belongs to Pakistan.

Panun Kashmir, a gated home for the majority of the Non-Muslims from the valley is the only solution to ensure that some sense of security remains not only for those who refused to leave Kashmir but also for those who want to return after their forced exodus in 1991.

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