Due to the European Union government embargo on the sale of military items to China, the Pakistan Navy will receive the first PNS Hangor, the first of the HANGOR-class Submarines, which is an export variant of the PLAN’s Type 039A/041 Yuan-class submarines later this year, and it will be equipped with Chinese CHD620 engine copies of the German MTU engine instead of the cutting-edge MTU396 diesel engines.

Even though German MTU certified it, Chinese CHD620 engines that are essentially licensed copies of the MTU396 diesel engines were found to be too noisy. Thailand, which ordered the same S26T Yuan-class submarine from China, is now refusing to accept delivery if it does not include the original MTU engine as contracted.

Thai Navy officials who inspected the CHD620 engines say the engines are not up to par with MTU396 diesel engines and have higher nose levels than the original, which could be dangerous because diesel engines are typically used to recharge batteries when at periscope depth.

The Pakistan Navy, which ordered eight submarines in 2015, four of which will be built in Pakistan on deferred payments and favorable treatment as part of China’s efforts to strengthen the Pakistan Navy against India, has raised no such concerns with the Chinese about the switch from German diesel engines to Chinese diesel engines.