Recently both the selected Prime minister of Pakistan and Pakistani Army Chief has offered talks with India for peace in the region and both the time’s condition is that India takes the first step. What’s debatable is that there is no clarity what is the first step that Islamabad wants New Delhi to take and on what it wants to have talks on ?. After getting no support from the International community for the restoration of now scrapped Article 370 and Article 35A to the former state of Jammu and Kashmir and reunification of present union territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh, the Pakistani administration has now called for grant of statehood to the UT of Jammu and Kashmir as a precondition for having formal talks with India.

what’s strange is that condition put by Pakistan seems to be a face-saver measure requested for the domestic audience, since UT of Jammu and Kashmir is presently going through redrawing of the electoral constituencies of Jammu and Kashmir by the Delimitation Commission that already has got a one-year extension to conclude its task in J&K, only after which elections can be planned.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on the floor of the Parliament had said that statehood will be restored on the UT of Jammu and Kashmir in the next few years and as per some members of the present government, it will be done by 2024, 5 years after the state was demoted to being union territory. Plans are to continue to keep Jammu and Kashmir as a UT with the legislature, for which fresh elections will be planned after the Delimitation process is completed.

Some Pakistani geopolitical experts in Pakistani media have seen saying that, restoration of now scrapped Article 370 and Article 35A will be taken up when Modi Government is out of Power post-2024 elections and softening of stand now is due to reduce the tension of armed conflict in the region. What’s more absurd is that Pakistani geopolitical experts and ISI stooge like Lt Gen Retd Amjad Shoaib on national media have claimed that members of opposition parties in India have assured that Article 370 and Article 35A will be restored once they come to power. a strange claim that should concern many Indians.

Present Pakistani policy on Kashmir adopted by Pakistani deep state and selected Prime minister of Pakistan is to keep offering India, Peace lollipop while it tries to get out of the FATF Greylist, while it works on its economy. Selected Prime minister of Pakistan who is in mid-term of his current tenure, already has said that he is interested in the second term, a bold statement to make that was not possible unless he was backed by the deep state in Pakistan along with the current Pakistani military establishment.

Pakistan seems to buy itself the time so that it can wait till 2024 to see government change in India for a possible deal with the new government in New Delhi for the restoration of Article 370 and Article 35A through the Judicial strike down of the action taken by the present government, that is already in the Supreme Court of India. The present hybrid regime in Pakistan is sure that the present Modi government will not give them any leverage even if talks are held on Kashmir and the only offer that the US administration is keen on is that they are no regional conflict in the region between the two countries so that focus on China is not distracted and in long term, it plans to implement it the long visioned policy of making Line of Control de-facto border of India and Pakistan which hybrid regime in Pakistan is not keen on since it will deflate its image in the local public, so they have deiced to hold on to what they have and pray that in 2024 a new government comes to power in India, that could be weak enough to consider restoration of Article 370 and Article 35A.

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