India continues to battle different forms of warfare against Pakistan – conventional and otherwise. As per latest intelligence inputs, Pakistani spies are calling up Indian soldiers to gather sensitive information.

A senior official in the intelligence agencies said inputs have revealed that Pakistani officers call up Indian Army control rooms and offices randomly and introduce themselves as senior officers of the same force to gather sensitive information.

Officials have claimed that Pakistan has adopted this new modus operandi to leak sensitive information such as movement of Indian troops, VVIPs and details of vital installations.

Authorities have issued alerts across all offices of security forces across the country to thwart the nefarious attempts by Pakistani spies, news agency ANI reported.

“It has come to the notice that Pakistan Intelligence officers are trying to contact force personnel for getting information about the movement of senior officers and force related information like high sensitive deployment, vital installations, VIP movements etc., by making phone calls, mobile phones introducing themselves as officers of own/other forces,” the news agency quoted sources as saying.

The new input received by the intelligence agencies has asked para-military forces to brief control rooms and staff to not provide any sensitive information without establishing the complete identity of the caller. Simultaneously, several steps have been taken to defeat the latest evil agenda of Pakistan.

The input also states that Pakistani intelligence is also sending ‘friend requests’ on social media to contact Indian security personnel, while at the same time also assimilating information from these sites.

All forces have been asked to brief their teams about the threat and also preventive measures to avoid leakage of sensitive information to the enemy.