There are evidences surfacing on social media that Pakistanis in Azerbaijan or even those who are based in Pakistan are trying to take advantage of the present situation in Azerbaijan to incite anti-India sentiments among the local population.

For instance, one twitter handle @NasibHajinski who has been posting contents on Pakistan’s support to Azerbaijan. The evidently fake twitter account was opened on 5 October with a photograph of the Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan as its profile picture.

His followers and commentators are mostly Pakistanis indicating that the twitter handle, in all probability, is managed by a Pakistani in Azerbaijan or elsewhere. His recent tweet on 9 October 2020 where he posted that “After Karabakh our next target is Kashmir. Turkey, Azerbaijan and Pakistan are three countries but one nation” has generated most interest with 1700 retweets and 6300 likes.

His other tweet of yesterday evening where he said “Azerbaijan, Pakistan and Turkey are hope of oppressed people of Karabakh, Palestine and Kashmir…” has not gained much traction unlike his earlier tweets.