Pakistani Deep state has hanged Two individuals for spying for the American CIA. According to media reports, Pakistan Army’s Brigadier Raja Rizwan (retd) along with lead missile Scientist named Wasim Akram of the land-based Shaheen-II and Shaheen-III surface-to-surface medium-range ballistic missile who worked for Islamabad-based National Engineering and Scientific Commission (NESCOM) which itself has been based on China supplied M-18 [DF-15].

According to media reports, Wasim Akram who was a metallurgical engineer played a crucial role in the local production of the Chinese M-18 ballistic missile in the county and was also vital in matting of the Pakistani nuclear weapons in the weapon system. He was recruited by Central Intelligence Agency to provide crucial details of both the missile system including details of its classified payload and range.

CIA was largely interested in knowing range vs payload calculation of the missile and what trajectory it will fly which has been leaked by the Wasim to the CIA. Shaheen-II (1500-2000km) and Shaheen-III (2750km) both are the longest missiles which provides Pakistan full coverage of India including its southern part of the country which was out of range before their development.

While the Pakistani Deep state has maintained its silence on the matter, the information which the CIA has collected about the missile system will come handy in the interception of the missile system which comes as a bloody blow to the Pakistani military which are counting on this two missile to carry nuclear warheads in case of full-fledged war with India. CIA due to Wasim, now has details of the missile range vs what payloads it can carry and what trajectory it will follow when loaded with a conventional and nuclear payload.

Both India and the United States of America have been closing monitoring Pakistan’s missile development for years now and both countries have developed Missile Interceptors to engage and destroy such missiles in the sky when it is launched. Details of both Shaheen-II and Shaheen-III missile system will likely be shared with India so that the Indian missile interceptor battery which has completed its developmental trials will have better mid-air interception capabilities.

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