US Army Doug Englen who was flying MH-47 (a special operations version of a Chinook helicopter, a multi-role assault aircraft) in the mission to kill Osama bin Laden in May 2011 has revealed that while heading back to Jalalabad, Afghanistan after conducting operations in Abbottabad Pakistan has for the first time confirmed that his Hecliopters was chased by a Pakistani F-16 fighter jet at least 3 times at the close range.

Englen said that they had were not surprised by chasing off the Paksitani F-16s and had planned and anticipated it and equipped the Chinook Helicopters Electronic warfare system which successfully defeated any missile launch.

He said that ” “It was as an electronic fight. A missile never left the rail. So I was able to evade him electronically. That’s all I’ll say. But, he was searching and hunting for me, and three times came very close to launching a missile,” Englen said.

Englen said further that every technique and tactic out of the book was used and flying nap-of-the-earth of the technique to stay off the F-16 radar range was also one of them used. some defense analysts commented that Pakistani F-16 Radar was not able to lock on the American and Nato classified aircraft and helicopters due to the backroom system in the F-16s which prevents engaging such targets and others say that Electronic jamming might have played a vital role in jamming which prevented the radar lock.

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