Pakistani Defense analyst Maria Sultan who also heads Director General South Asian Strategic Stability Institute University, in a recent interview with Pakistani News Media has said that the detection of the Wuhan Virus in Kashmir shows that the Indian state is spreading the virus in the region amid lock-down and chaos to inflict casualties in the region.

The insurgency-torn region reported its first case of corona virus recently but has been relatively unaffected by the virus and many have said that due to restrictions it has seen such low cases in the valley.Pakistan recently used the SAARC video conference on corona virus to raise Kashmir and called for the lifting of ‘lock-down’. Sultan said that due to lock-down it was impossible for Kashmiri locals to be inflected by the virus and blamed the Indian Government for bringing the virus to the region.

Amid mist of propaganda, Maria Sultan completely sidelined crucial information that many Kashmiri have visited Iran recently for religious gathering and some students have also traveled from Pakistan, Bangladesh and even from Wuhan till recently.

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