Pakistani Defence Analysts have urged Pakistani Military Establishment to capture Siachen and Kargil from India if Indo-China War breaks out when Indian forces are distracted by war on their Eastern side with China. Many Pakistani analysts see this as a Golden opportunity for the Pakistani Military Establishment to open a second front against the Indian Army to take back areas that they believe are rightfully theirs.

In 1984, Under Operation Ababeel wanted to capture g tactical high ground by controlling 70 kilometers long of the Siachen Glacier, its tributary glaciers, and three main passes of the Saltoro Ridge but the Indian Army got wind of it and launched Operation Meghdoot in April 1984 to pre-empt Operation Ababeel. 

Pakistan Army in 1999 launched Operation Koh Paima where the plan was to cut off the link between Kashmir and Ladakh thereby forcing the Indian security forces to withdraw from the Siachen Glacier and redraw the LoC in Pakistan’s favor but Pakistan had to face the humiliation of withdrawing from the captured positions.

Many Pakistani Defence Analysts believe that the successful capture of Kargil and Siachen Glacier could have demotivated the Indian Army and could have forced India to come to the negotiation table to finally settle the Kashmir dispute in Pakistan’s Favour after internationalising the Kashmir issue. 

Pakistani Media Senior anchors like Hamid Mir and Mubashar Luqman have called it a Golden Opportunity which Pakistani Military Establishment shouldn’t let go if Indo-China War breaks out and Security Analysts like Moid Pirzada also see the deployment of the Pakistani military on its side of LOC if Indo-China war which could force India to come to the negotiation table.

Indian Defence Analysts have called this as wishful thinking which will backfire as it did in Kargil when after the initial success it was forced to retreat and also lost some of the peaks which were under the Pakistani side of LOC. Pakistan and China might have joined hands to force India to renegotiate the land border it shares in Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh UT of India but there is a small chance that it might go nuclear since China won’t have total control over what the Pakistani military could be doing at LOC and since local Pakistani area commander is authorized to use Tactical nukes and things pretty much might head to Nuclear counter-attack by India, which Chinese Army won’t like military options escalate to the nuclear level.

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