Retired Chief of Naval Staff Arun Prakash in an article on the submarine modernization plans of the Indian Navy has lambasted the Government and Indian Navy that by 2028, the Pakistani Navy will have 11 Submarines that are equipped with air-independent propulsion system (AIP) if India continues to delay implementation of the Project 75-I under which it had planned to procure six new submarines equipped with the air-independent propulsion system and lithium-ion batteries.

Pakistani navy already is equipped with three Agosta 90B submarines that were equipped with an untried French AIP system in 2008 and have now placed orders for eight Yuan Class Chinese submarines, the PN may field up to 11 AIP-equipped boats by 2028.

Project 75-I tender is in shambles after France, Russia, and Germany along with Swedes quite the tender leaving south Korean offer still standing leading to a single vendor situation that could call for a hideous re-tendering process that could take another 3-4 years.

Naval HQ had projected the need for a standing force of 24 subs to meet the growing threats to India’s maritime interests. In 1999, the government accorded approval to a “30-Year Submarine Building Plan,” which envisaged the simultaneous serial production of two types of submarines in separate shipyards.

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