According to media reports, the Pakistan Air Force (PAF), which operates Chinese copies of the framed Soviet-Era Mig-21 called F7-PG, will phase out one more 2 Squadron of the jet this year and replace it with Chinese JF-17 fighter jets.

The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) operates 48 F7-PG aircraft, half of which will be retired by the end of this year despite the fact that the aircraft was purchased in the early 1990s and is no longer suitable for use as an interceptor.

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) intends to keep a few Trainer variants of the F-7T in service as conversion trainer aircraft for newer pilots. Last year, the PAF began retiring Mirage-III aircraft after 50 years of service. More than 100 Mirage III and V aircraft will be retried by the end of this decade, and older F-16 A/B MLUs, which are now 40 years old, may also be replaced with Chinese J-10CEs.