Beverly Hill, President of the Organization for Human Rights and Women’s Rights in the United States, had written a letter to the former US presidential candidate and newly elected Congress representative, Allred Collin where she said due to rising Human Right violations in the Indian side of Kashmir, she had requested that the US gun manufacturer Sig Sauer is stopped from selling automatic weapons to India.

Beverly Hill in an email to Allred Collin wrote, “I plead with you to do everything in your power to stop US gun manufacturer Sig Sauer from selling automatic weapons to India. The suffering and loss of innocent life will be terrible. We must not aid India in violating and bloodily suppressing Kashmiris. They have lost their autonomy, human rights, and livelihoods.” she also said that “Sig Sauer is complicit in the Indian government’s ongoing militarization, repression, occupation, and settler-colonization of Kashmir,” she said.

The words used by Beverly Hill, are coming directly from the playbook of Pakistan’s notorious Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) that usually use West-based NGOs to put pressure on the Indian Administration on the Kashmir front.

She demanded that the US should instantly drop the plan to sign with India an approximately $100-million contract for 72,000 assault rifles with Sig Sauer, a New Hampshire-based firearms company. This would be their second transaction; India and Sig Sauer signed an identical contract in early 2019, the first shipment of which was immediately sent to Indian units deployed in Kashmir.

Rashtriya Rifles, the Indian Army’s counter-insurgency force is almost exclusively equipped with American-made Sig Sauer assault rifles that are often seen in counter-insurgency operations with Pakistan-backed Terrorists in Kashmir. Pakistani backed Terrorists with their Darra Adam Khel made AK-47 clones are no match to the superior firepower of the American-made Sig Sauer assault rifles, due to which Pakistan based Terror groups are not happy about it due to casualty mounting on their cadres.

Pakistan has been sending captured US-made MI-16 and M-4 carbines rifle and its copies to Kashmir based Terrorist to match the firepower of the Indian Army but it is in limited numbers and usually seen with Area commander or Senior ranked cadre of the terrorist organization and poorly trained low ranked cadres are usually seen with Ak clones.

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