According to the most recent Intel reports, Pakistan’s social media accounts were created in December solely to trend the hashtag #IndiaEnemyOfPeace, with over 10,000 Twitter handles. The agencies concluded that certain elements in Pakistan (both state and non-state actors) were using the tactic to tarnish India’s image and reputation in the face of the country’s growing global clout.

In the past, Pakistan has relied on low-cost tactics such as ISI-trained bot accounts to respond to such trends, and they have also been used to target political opponents.

New accounts were created to trend the hashtag against India, and everyone was instructed to post objectionable content with the hashtag simultaneously. “Aside from the Indian Army, objectionable tweets were also made with the hashtag against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and the same started trending on social media across the world in no time,” he said.