Pakistan is escalating its accusations against India, reaching out to the United States and Canada to share alleged evidence of Indian-orchestrated assassinations on Pakistani soil. This comes after Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary, Muhammad Syrus Sajjad Qazi, publicly accused India of conducting “extra-territorial and extra-judicial” killings in the country on Thursday.

Pakistan’s accusations stem from what it claims as India’s orchestration of targeted killings within its territory. The assertion highlights a pattern of alleged assassinations carried out by Indian operatives, purportedly targeting individuals affiliated with Pakistan. The gravity of these allegations is compounded by Pakistan’s assertion that India’s actions not only violate international law but also undermine the sovereignty of Pakistan.

Moreover, Pakistan’s claims extend beyond its borders, with similar allegations made by Canada and the United States. Both countries have voiced concerns over alleged Indian involvement in extra-judicial killings on their respective soils. These accusations, while not directly related to Pakistan’s claims, suggest a broader pattern of behavior that Pakistan aims to expose and address on the international stage.

India has vehemently denied Pakistan’s allegations, dismissing them as baseless and politically motivated. Indian authorities refute the notion that those targeted were affiliated with Pakistan’s intelligence agency, the ISI, or involved in any terrorist activities. Furthermore, India maintains that its actions are within the boundaries of national security protocols and adhere to international legal standards.