National Institute of Maritime Affairs (NIMA) a maritime think-tank conducting independent and policy-relevant research on all matters maritime as assigned by the Pakistani Navy and Pakistani Government has called for Pakistan to take advantage of the AUKUS deal that will allow Australia to acquire 8 nuclear-powered attack submarines in the transfer of technology from US and United Kingdom and use this as a pretext to build nuclear subs with the help of her friendly allies to maintain strategic balance in the Indian Ocean.

The Paper called on China that has nuclear submarine technology to help other Indo-Pacific countries (Pakistan) to build nuclear submarines to counter QUAD and AUKUS in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR). India already has INS Arihant an SSBN that has already joined the Indian Navy and second, of this class Aridaman is expected to be commissioned shortly which has tilted the balance of maritime balance between two countries said paper.

Think tank also warned that Delhi has plans for nuclear attack submarines equipped with anti-ship torpedoes and cruise missiles which can also be tipped with nuclear warheads to further expand its nuclear submarines fleet in the next decade and Pakistan not to be left behind and immediately should seek technological collaboration with China to get its hands on nuclear submarines.

Pakistan Navy is getting eight Type-039B ‘Hangor Class’ submarines as part of Chinese aid that will be a major boost to the Pakistan Navy. Type-039B will be 76 meters long and have a displacement of 2800 tons, making them slightly bigger than India’s Kalvari Class submarines. Type-039B will be outfitted with Babur-3 SLCMs that can be equipped with tactical nuclear warhead and act as a second-strike platform for the Pakistani military and also for deep conventional capability strikes inside India.

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