Pakistani military-backed researchers have submitted a report highlighting the possibility of nuclear war between the two countries and why the international community should be used to put pressure on India to back down on the rapid development that is occurring following the revocation of Article 2019, which Pakistan claims is India’s plans to create Israeli-style settlement plans in Kashmir.

According to a research report, India is moving quickly to change the demographics of Kashmir, and the UN should recognize that such moves by India, if unchecked, could lead to a full-fledged war between the two countries.

The research report also recommends that international communities and the UN assess the ground situation in Kashmir and collect data from India on the state’s original habitats so that Indian settlers can be excluded from the referendum process.

The Research Report remains obsessed with Article 370, urging Pakistan’s military and government not to settle for anything less than the reintroduction of the same laws, albeit under a different name, in the region.