The latest edition of the Pakistan Army’s Green Book 2020, a prestigious internal publication with essays by serving officers, suggested that Pakistani military should take it upon itself to reach to Indian citizens in masses to highlight actions of the Indian Army in Kashmir though imminent people India.

In simple military language, it advocates Pakistan backing Psychological Warfare in India using propaganda against the Indian Army so that it reaches its masses and most likely what it means by actions in Kashmir is that it wants voice inside India to oppose actions of its Army to create demotivational force in Kashmir.

Pakistan Army has been trying to create a negative image of Indian Army by constantly linking it with RSS which they claim is a Hindu terror organization but has failed largely due to non-political image of the Indian Army which always has been under civilian under since 1947, unlike Pakistani Army which has taken over reins of power in the country several times and had military dictators in the past.

The Pakistani military has snatched into a narrative set by Indian Communist liberals about the situation of Muslims and India and has been talking about it to further their agenda. Indian intelligence establishment has linked flaring up of Riots in the National Capital to the Pakistani social media accounts which were spreading fake news, It also has links to Anti-CAA demonstrations which were carried out all over India by Muslim groups.

Targeting the Indian Army in India will come from India and the use of Indian Communist liberals for a sponsored attack on Army might be a norm in the coming days. Its notable fact that activists like Tapan Bose equated Indian Army to Pak Army during anti-CAA protest, says ‘both kill their people’ and some even called Indian Army as uniformed Terrorists in recent CAA Protest.

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