SOURCE: Republic

In an exclusive development coming from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, a PoK resident exposed Pakistan Army’s role in land grabbing in a shocking video. The resident can be seen saying how the Pakistan Army has established its camps in private lands which belong to the common people across the region.

While recording the video, the resident said, “My purpose of shooting this video is to show you the activities of the army here. This is my brother’s property, and a tent can be seen here which belongs to the army. They have made a proper staying arrangement on land that belongs to us. There are several other army tents on this land.”

He added, ” When I directly asked them (army officers), they told me that they would leave in two days. A few hours later, they said they would leave after five days. When I asked them that whose permission did they take to enter our land, they had no answer. This seems to be notorious. All the children, women, and elderly people of this area pass by all the time. Some officers stand here in a particular area every morning and whistle. This is a nuisance. “

Reacting to this development, PoK activist Dr. Amjad Ayub Mirza said, “The Pakistan Army is currently strengthening itself in two fronts, one is to completely take away Gilgit-Baltistan, and two is to completely take away Kashmir from India. Such activities have started taking place here as helicopters have started to arrive and army officers are getting deployed. Yesterday for the entire day army convoys were spotted everywhere from Rawalakot to Khai Gala.”

He added, “These convoys are unlimited and have brought unlimited personal items to the region. They have also set up camps on the land belonging to the Rawalakot municipal corporation. They are bringing army officers to tourist spots and residential areas. These army officers have even put tents in private farms. This has become a major hurdle in tourism in the area and has also badly affected the income of the common people, including poor people.”