Indian space startups Rockets that are under Development

A Pakistani Think Tank known to be close to the Pakistani Military establishment in its latest report has raised alarms over the rise in Indian space startups which they believe will give Indian private sector companies capabilities to boost the development of missiles and other systems including the production of existing missiles developed by state-owned companies like DRDO in the long run.

The report also noted that Indian space startups will be able to launch Nano Satellites or smallsat for imaginary and to establish communication in quick time in case of full-scale war and will be able to provide 5G capable network in even the remotest area in support of Indian Military.

The report also noted that some Indian space startups have employed 3D printing in the development of rocket engines that have shorter turnaround times in manufacturing which they believe will be used by India to mass develop solid-propellant engines for various missiles.

India in a short span has registered 60+ Indian space startups and 3-4 companies are working on the development of their rockets that can launch Satellites in orbits. Many private sector giants will take over the production and launch of PLSV rockets in the next few years.

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