Pakistan’s notorious Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) after sanctioning targeted killings of Hindus in the Valley due to its fear of demographic changes going in Indian favor has activated its Associated Press of Pakistan (APP), a Pakistan based news agency to deflect blame and is making similar claims that were last heard in the 90s when Kashmiri Pandits killings were planned for taking over of Kashmir that led to an exodus of nearly 7 lacks Kashmir Hindus from the Valley.

APP in the latest article has blamed the Indian government for this migration and has claimed that once the valley is free from Hindu Pandits, a plan of Muslim genocide would be implemented. APP also claimed that atrocities on Hindu Pandits in the valley are nothing but mere lies and propaganda and the claims of targeting Pandits were also incorrect to defame so-called Kashmiri freedom fighters.

APP also made ridiculous clam that whatever target killings of Hindus that are happening in the valley are done by the Indian government giving a clean sheet to the Pakistan-sponsored elements in the valley. APP claims are the same words of propaganda that Pakistan had used in the ’90s when Kashmiri pandit’s killings were sanctioned to free the valley of non-Muslims so that take over the Kashmir can be advocated at the world level.

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