Air Commodore (retd) Kaiser Tufail, who was the Director of Operations of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) during the Kargil war, in his blog last month, recounted PAF military operation codenamed Operation Swift Retort that was conducted in retaliation to the Indian Air Force (IAF) airstrike in Balakot, in the process also debunked Pakistan Air Force’s claim that it had shot down an Indian Sukhoi-30MKI Call sign ” Avenger1 ” by a PAF F-16 aircraft with an AIM-120 missile that was Piloted by Squadron Leader Hassan Siddiqui.

Tufail in his blog writes ” Meanwhile, the pair of patrolling Su-30s were completely shocked when they were targeted by an F-16 with an AIM-120 missile at long range. Narrowly surviving an apparent proximity hit, both Su-30s scampered out of the area, leaving the field to the Mirage 2000 pair. “

IAF has maintained that 4 F-16s had approached north of Poonch; where they lay in wait to ambush IAF Su-30MKIs who were being ‘pushed’ towards them by another formation of 4 F-16s northwest of Poonch at 40,000 feet. This formation had fired 4–5 AMRAAM missiles at IAF Su-30 MKIs as they approached south of Rajouri.

Indian Sukhoi-30MKI Call sign ” Avenger1 ” was later showcased by IAF in the Air force day parade that debunked its claim but naysayers in Pakistan Air Force continued to peddle their propaganda without providing any evidence to back their claims. Classified footage of the heads-up-display video from the ” Avenger1 ” already has been accessed by the Russian and many senior ranked IAF officers have already seen this footage.

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