Pakistani Air Force (PAF) has showcased 4 Alleged Air-to-Air Missiles from the drowned Mig-21Bis flown by the Commander Abhinandan Varthaman to Pakistani media in an event to celebrate 1 year of Operation Swift resort and in its attempt to debunk loss of F-16 kill being awarded to the Varthaman and questioned Vir Chakra being awarded to Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman for lying and claiming a fake F-16 kill.

PAF showcased 2 damaged R-73 Close Combat Air-to-Air missiles along with near intact 2 R-77 Beyond Visual range Air-to-Air missiles. Indian OSNIT community have questioned Pakistan’s claim that the broken R-73 minus its warhead section were found with the wreckage of the Mig-21Bis.

Indian OSNIT community has said that the R-73 was assembled minus its warhead section which is usually in the midsection to fake that the missile was found near intact and not fired so no question arises of drowning their F-16.

What could be hilarious is that PAF’s F-16 Pilot Squadron leader Hasan M Siddiqui was awarded Temgha-i-Jur’at for shooting down IAF’s Sukhoi-30MKI with the call sign ” Avenger-1″ even though no forensic evidence has been provided by PAF of the kill.

IAF showcased the same Sukhoi-30MKI with the call sign ” Avenger-1″ later at its air force day celebration and even showed Radar pictures of the F-16 kill which was captured by India’s Phalcon AEW&C. While Pakistani OSNIT community boosts of intercepted IAF communication and their own SAAB AEW&C capturing Sukhoi-30MKI kill, no evidence showcased by PAF has put its dubious claims.

Many of Pakistan’s OSNIT have questioned PAF Golden silence and lack of HUD footage, Radar picture or even communication intercepts to confirm Su-30 kill nor it was able to explain to its people why Wing commander Muhammad Noman Ali Khan was awarded higher gallantry award Sitara-i-Jur’at for an older Mig-21 Kill and Siddiqui a lower award for his alleged Su-30kill which proves that PAF has no forensic evidence of Su-30 Kill and is going by Pilots word.

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